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Exotika 2013 | Silpakorn Art Lab

Exoticism, the previously eurocentric view on unknown paradise worlds, gets today, considering fundamental global changes new global importance: shift of industrial sites to developing countries, mass migration and economic migration, religious and political fanaticism, mass tourism and industrial paradise production. 14 contemporary artistic positions from Thailand, Germany, China, RD Congo, France and Tahiti explore the phenomena of "New Exotism".



Ends 28.02.2013

Mu Yungbai, Lijiang, China *
Skall, Paris *
Ultra Art Fair Unlimited, Berlin
Veronika Radulovic, Berlin
Moritz R., Berlin
Na Yingyu, Beijing, China
Jiandyin, Bangkok *
Sakarin Krue-On, Bangkok *
Christine Falk, Berlin *
Andreas Dettloff, Tahiti *
Jean-Ulrick Desert, Berlin/New York
Amrit Chusuwan, Bangkok *
Vitshois M. Bondo, R.D. Congo
Alfred Banze, Berlin *
Prasert Yodkaew, Bangkok *
Rebecca Vickers, USA *
Taweewit Kithanasonthorn, Bangkok *
Preeyachanok Ketsuwan, Payao *
Makha Seneewong na Ayudhaya, Bangkok *
Vinai Namwon, Bangkok * (* = present)

Mario Asef | Crossfade

Video Art | Drawings | Installation

Lübbener Strasse 5
10997 Berlin

Exhibition: 05.02.2013 – 09.03.2013
Die/Tue – Sa/Sat 14:00-19:00 Uhr- 2pm - 7pm




Ends 09.03.2013

The video work CROSSFADE focuses on two types of mass migration between South America and Europe, comparing the process of population expansion in human beings with the expansion dynamics of populations in the nature.
The arrival of Europeans in the Americas was an event that would irrevocably change the course of history.
By the time the first explorers had landed, an invasion of the continent had already become inevitable. For sixteenth century Europeans, America became a screen onto which they could project their fantasies of discovering a new Eden. Many of them lost their lives in pursuit of this illusion, while many Native Americans lost theirs in a struggle to defend their way of life. But then again, one man’s dream is another man’s nightmare.


Import Projects
Keithstrasse 10
10787 Berlin



Ends 09.03.2013

Lightplay, the title of the exhibition, signifies the concurrent medium in the installations on show.

Light plays both a conceptual and active role in the practice of Kite & Laslett:

it is a means by which to explore the immaterial through our interaction and phenomenological experience of architectural space.

Opening hours Thursday - Saturday 12 - 18H and by appointment
exhibition opening

Synaesthesia / 2 : Space and Perception with Madi Boyd and Carrie C Firman

Inquiries into the nature of Space and Perception are the basis of Art Laboratory Berlin's second exhibition in the Synaesthesia series. Synaesthesia, the experience of two or more sensory impressionsat the same time, is both an artistic paradigm and neurological phenomenon. Two installations by Madi Boyd and Carrie C Firman explore the connection between perception and experience of mind and body from a synaesthetic point of view.

Address :

Art Laboratory Berlin
Prinzenallee 34
13359 Berlin

Regine Rapp & Christian de Lutz (curators)

Press: Olga Shmakova

Open: Fri-Sun, 2-6 PM and by appointment


Ends 10.03.2013

Madi Boyd is a synaesthete from Great Britain, whose artistic work focuses on perception and the brain. In collaboration with neuro-scientists, Dr. Mark Lythgoe and Dr. Beau Lotto, from University College London her work incorporates and combines installation, film and sculpture. Her recent project The Point of Perception explores how much information the human brain needs in order to know what it is looking at. It is an art experience and scientific arena about vision.

Carrie C Firman is an emerging electronic artist from the US. She is a synaesthete and her work is inspired by studying and experiencing the crossing of senses. She sees synaesthesia not only as a sensory phenomenon, but also a fantastic world interface, responsible for completely unique perceptual experiences.


exhibition opening

Lichtspiel -Kite& Laslett-

Import Projects
Keithstrasse 10
10787 Berlin



Ends 10.03.2013

Lightplay, the title of the exhibition, signifies the concurrent medium in the installations on show. Light plays both a conceptual and active role in the practice of Kite & Laslett: it is a means by which to explore the immaterial through our interaction and phenomenological experience of architectural space.

In the duo's first solo show in Germany, their characteristic site-specific interventions in non-dedicated art spaces are narrated in a gallery environment. The artists present three installations; Candescence, Orbit and Reflex, each inhabiting one of the three exhibition rooms. The pieces are de-contextualised, presented as objects, yet they actively engage the viewer and revise our perception of the interior realm.

In addition to the installations, Kite & Laslett present films of their works to-date and the photographic series EXP: Spiller’s Millennium Mills, their first experiments with light and space.

More info: http://www.facebook.com/events/422673964475192/

Stille Schichten | Janine Gerber

Medaillongebäude Stadthauptmannshof, Hauptstraße 150, 23879 Mölln
Lauenburgische Akademie für Wissenschaft und Kultur der Stiftung Herzogtum Lauenburg


Ends 10.03.2013

My observations of space are defined by the overlap of objects and bodies. I search images that have both depth and immediacy. The perceptive space essentially becomes warped or «tanned». I fold and unfold the colour so that a special light inside the colour is find inside the painting.

Since 2005 I use the material of large, white or black hanging papers dedicated to rooms of the presentation. They correspond with the incoming daylight. I observe the light situation on the paper’s surface, the created space by cracks and tears inside the paper as well as the presence of the paper installation at the room of the presentation. Also, the viewer is asked to unfold the material by his way of movement.

About artist:

untitled _ 2010, Papierbahnen unbehandelt weiß, 2 Lagen white paper, 2 layers, 3,50 x 1,33 m, Kunstverein chez Linda, Hamburg

Kunstgiesserei und Galerie Flierl : "ELEMENTE. SCHWERKRAFT. GLEICHGEWICHT"

Ausstellungseröffnung mit Performance: 20.01.2013 um 11.00 Uhr. Parallel dazu findet sculpture network‘s New Year‘s Brunch statt (Unkostenbeitrag fürs Buffet: 10,-- Euro)

13086 Berlin-Weissensee



Ends 20.03.2013

Neben Entwurf und Herstellung steht im künstlerischen Prozess als ein Drittes die Rezeption eines Kunstwerkes durch die Öffentlichkeit. Um auch auf diesem Feld selbst aktiv sein zu können, ist der Kunstgiesserei Flierl eine Galerie angeschlossen, in der Werke der hier arbeitenden Künstler gezeigt werden.



Selected by:
Alfredo Cramerotti, Director of MOSTYN; Adam Carr, Curator of MOSTYN; Ryan Gander, artist; and the visiting audience, for the People’s Choice.

Participating artists:
Jacqueline Bebb, Jane Bustin, Cath Campbell, Tomas Chaffe, Danilo Correale, Sean Edwards, Alex Farrar, Claudio Gobbi, Gareth Griffith, The Hut Project, Yuki Kishino, Lawrence Leaman, James Lewis, Stuart Middleton, Edward Morgan, Philip Newcombe, John Henry Newton, Laura Reeves, Zhao Renhui, Hua Kuan Chen Sai, Chris Shaw-Hughes, Nikolaus Schletterer, Mathew Tom, Alaena Turner, Gwyn Williams, Jesse Wine

12 Vaughan Street, Llandudno
LL30 1AB Wales, UK
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 10:30–5pm


Ends 14.04.2013

Since its inception in 1989, MOSTYN Open has functioned as a call-out to artists of any age and residing place to enter, with an exhibition of the selected artworks taking place at MOSTYN, and a prize of 10,000 GBP awarded to a single artist or collective.

Claudio Gobbi's berlinerpool profile

Künstler der Galerie 2012


Veteranenstraße 14 in Berlin-Mitte statt

Weitere Informationen zu den Künstlern und ihren Arbeiten erhalten Sie unter









Ends 05.12.2013

Exhibeo galerie zeigt vom 1. Dezember 2012 bis 5. Januar 2013 Arbeiten der KÜNSTLER DER GALERIE.

Bereits zum dritten Mal präsentiert exhibeo galerie in einer Gruppenausstellung ihre Künstler. Schwerpunkt ist neben der Fotografie nach wie vor die konkrete und abstrakte Kunst: Stefan Haase (Berlin), Jacques Hornschuh (Berlin), Volker Leonhardt (Berlin), Tomasz Samek (Münster/Berlin), Zuzanna Skiba (Berlin), Anne Ullrich (Berlin), Wang Fang (Potsdam), Günter Wintgens (Münster).
art in public space / participatory projects

FRAGILE - global performance chain journey

The global art initiative 'FRAGILE-global performance chain journey' by VestAndPage - Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes is possible thanks to the participation of 750 artists from 62 countries and its partners:
Zonadearte - Quilmes Argentina
EMBA Escuela de Bellas Artes Carlos Morel, Quilmes Argentina
EMBA Departamento de Extension Cultural, Quilmes Argentina
misterPink - Valencia
ARTe en acciON - Madrid
Cosmos Factory - Chihuahua Mexico
L'Orvella Vermella - Centre d'Art d'Accio del Tarragones
PERFORMANCELOGIA - Todo sobre Arte de Performance y Performancistas - Caracas



Ends 02.09.2015

You're invited to follow the amazing global art initiative 'FRAGILE - global performance chain journey' in which more than 750 artists from 62 countries are participating.
Can one fragile object, in times of email, chat and mobility, pass one time all around the world safely – from hand to hand, charging itself with stories and people? Will it be the same when it returns?

For the project, more than 750 artists from all over the world work together in one same action: all will carry one fragile object step by step around the planet.
The journey of the object and the works the artists will conceive during the project will be communicated on the website and in regular newsletters.

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