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Openings and events for the selected date:

Poetry Across Borders


Prinzenallee 59



opening or event start 20.02.2011 12:00

Poetry Across Borders is a community-run initiative of independent poetry circles in cities around the world. PAB explores, through poetry, the voices within and without our imagined boundaries. Our exploration culminates once a month in a live exchange of original poetry between poets who live in Bangalore and poets from another city. We intend to expand our networks over the coming months and reach out to more cities across the world.At PAB events, poets perform their own poetry at the designated spaces of each PAB circle in their home cities. The performance is simultaneously experienced in the sister cities of PAB by way of enabling technology. As such, participants at Poetry Across Borders events are privy to a unique international peer group, bound together by a love for the spoken word...
All available events from this date:

Carte de Visite

Im Wohnzimmer
10437 Berlin


Ends 20.02.2011

Works on paper

Alex Ferraté

film / video screening

The 7th Berlin International Directors Lounge


Meinblau, Pfefferberg
Christinenstr. 18 | Schönhauser Allee 176
U Senefelder Platz
10119 Berlin Mitte
daily from 6 pm - open end
Opening Party: Thurs, 10th, 8 pm
no admission fee for all screenings

Once again this year, the Berlinale is drawing a great many filmmakers and cineastes to Berlin. In parallel and by now an insiders’ tip, the Directors Lounge, developed by Berlin artists, is hosting for the 7th year in a row its own very special kind of film festival. On the Pfefferberg, on the premises of the Meinblau Gallery, a broad audience will be presented an international offering of experimental and short films as well as media art. Out of 700 submissions, a heady program has been put together, to be accompanied by live events, DJs and a lounge bar.


Ends 20.02.2011

Encounters and discussions between artists and audience are an essential feature of the concept, and so once again this year many national and international artists will be on hand in person to present their projects.

Ten days long, starting daily at 6 pm, issue- and country-specific programs and the best films of the Open Call will be presented. Further highlights include Jean-Gabriel Périot, one of the most important exponents of French experimental film; the Collectif Jeune Cinéma; Alexei Dmitriev (St. Petersburg), shooting star of the international curator scene; Berlin gallerist Fridey Mickel; Kika Nicolela (Brazil); Klaus W. Eisenlohr´s “Urban Research”; the Zebra Poetry Film Festival and films by artists of the Myriam Blundell Project (London), to name only a few.

panel / talk / conference


Art Laboratory Berlin
Prinzenallee 34
13359 Berlin

Venue of the symposium: Glaskasten (the former. Schmidt’s Ballhouse),
Prinzenallee 33, 13359 Berlin (next door to Art Laboratory Berlin)


Ends 20.02.2011

An occasion in which all the artist books of Sol LeWitt are gathered into one exhibition invites further study. As we have done in previous exhibitions Art Laboratory Berlin would like to bring together artistic practice and scholarly debate, in this case in the form of a symposium. The complex nature of Sol LeWitt's artists' books specifically calls for examination by a variety of disciplines.

The symposium is open to the public and does not charge an admission fee (donations are welcome). The language of presentation corresponds to the respective announcements in the program; questions and contributions in both German and English, during the discussion, are of course possible.

Don't eat the yellow snow

Pavillon am Milchhof
Ateliergemeinschaft Milchhof e.V.
Schwedter Straße 232
10435 Berlin
Tel +49 30 50 59 23 38



Ends 22.02.2011

Installation der Künstlergruppe Alterazioni Video, kuratiert von Mauska Mazza.
Die Künstler Paololuca Barbieri, Alberto Caffarelli, Matteo Erenbourg, Andrea Masu und Giacomo Porfiri gründeten 2004 in Mailand die Gruppe Alterazioni Video. Heute leben sie zwischen Mailand, New York und Berlin.
Alterazioni Video ist bisher noch nie in Berlin zu sehen gewesen. Allerdings wurden ihre Arbeiten über die „Unvollendeten Werke“, die Architekturruinen Süditaliens, auch in den deutschen Feuilletons beachtet, sowie auf der Biennale von Venedig ausgestellt. Nach ihrem Engagement im Museum d' Arte Contemporanea von Ravenna, welches unerwartet unter die Zensur der entsprechenden italienischen Behörden geriet ("la repubblica del 12.11.2010"), haben die Künstler um die mittlerweile in Berlin arbeitenden und lebenden Caffarelli und Porfiri einen Beitrag für den Pavillon am Milchhof entwickelt: "Don't eat the white snow" von Frank Zappa.


Das PP MoMA in Berlin - Werkschau im Institut für Alles Mögliche (I A M)

Director, curator, architect, administrator, janitor (and sometimes mop and bucket brigade) of the museum is Robert Porth (Berlin). PP MOMA is a project of the office for exp LM [5].

The PP MoMA is will be presented in Berlin in at the Intitut für Alles Mögliche von 18. Feb to 25. Feb. 2011 [6], opening: 18. Feb. 19:00, open daily from 3 - 6 pm.

[1] http://www.schubladenmuseum.com /
[2] http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/1999/muse/artis t_pages/duchamp_boite.html
[3] Figures of the first series (1989 - 1995)
[4] From the point of view of the figures, the rooms of PP MOMA are about 10 x 10 x 6,5 meters.
[5] http://bucubgmahar.de
[6] http://i-a-m.tk


Ends 25.02.2011

A striking difference of the Polly Pocket Museum of Modern Art in comparison to other museums focusing on contemporary art, is based to the fact that the rooms of PP MoMA, due to their small size (12 x 12 x 8 cm), can not be physically visited by viewers of the species Homo
Sapiens. The PP MoMA in this regard sees itself in the tradition of different entities like Herbert Distels Schubladenmuseum [1] and Marcel
Duchamps Boîte en valise [2], without denying a certain affinity to doll houses and Polly Pocket worlds.

Using the mobility of the museum's rooms, the curatorship mails them to selected artists in order for them to create a permanent exhibition in
their room. After reshipment, Polly Pocket [3] is added as a visitor of the museum to the modified rooms. The ca. 2.2 cm sized figures create an additional scaling factor of the rooms [4], as well as of the displayed art works.

Jokers / Mariana Morais

Jokers / Mariana Morais
drawing exhibition

WerkStadt Kulturverein Berlin e.V.
Emser Straße 124
12051 Berlin - Neukölln

The jokers, the jester, the fool and the clown, are well-known for expressing points of view outside the norms of an established system. Being a mirror of a society and its members, enacting the unreasonable and performing the tragicomedy of life, they have always held a place beyond good and bad, right and wrong. Continuously shifting perspectives, they were able to put on each man’s mask and make all of them their own.


Ends 28.02.2011

But the greatest joke was played on the jokers: even if these exercises involved a great deal of knowledge and despite the relevance of their critics, they actually reinforced the border that kept them in the realm of foolery and their audience in the realm of reason. Their wit was taken seriously when it was convenient to do so, but they were nothing more than plain fools whenever they came up with disturbing ideas.
The jester lost his job and the fool is no longer touched by god but the jokers are still around. And from where they stand, they have a full view over a labyrinth of illusions and moveable walls, seemingly open to include countless points of view and more and more mirrored rooms. I’ve done no more than turning the mirror on the jokers. And I would like to invite you to reflect upon their images and wander inside their mazes.


GEHAG-Forum, Deutsche Wohnen AG
Mecklenburgische Straße 57, 14197 Berlin

10. Februar - 31. März 2011, Mo - Fr 9 - 19 Uhr
Am 9.2., 19 Uhr :Einführung: Christoph Tannert


berlinerpool profile:


Ends 31.03.2011

Birgit Cauer
Bauwerk, geflochten

Birgit Cauer baut teilweise begehbare Installationen aus der Verbindung
von Kunst und Natur, in denen sie komplexe Organismen schafft und damit
auch Überlegungen zum Verhältnis von menschlicher Existenz und Natur in
einer Zeit aktueller Debatten um Gentechnologie und reproduktive Medizin
in Gang setzt.
art in public space / participatory projects

FRAGILE - global performance chain journey

The global art initiative 'FRAGILE-global performance chain journey' by VestAndPage - Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes is possible thanks to the participation of 750 artists from 62 countries and its partners:
Zonadearte - Quilmes Argentina
EMBA Escuela de Bellas Artes Carlos Morel, Quilmes Argentina
EMBA Departamento de Extension Cultural, Quilmes Argentina
misterPink - Valencia
ARTe en acciON - Madrid
Cosmos Factory - Chihuahua Mexico
L'Orvella Vermella - Centre d'Art d'Accio del Tarragones
PERFORMANCELOGIA - Todo sobre Arte de Performance y Performancistas - Caracas



Ends 02.09.2015

You're invited to follow the amazing global art initiative 'FRAGILE - global performance chain journey' in which more than 750 artists from 62 countries are participating.
Can one fragile object, in times of email, chat and mobility, pass one time all around the world safely – from hand to hand, charging itself with stories and people? Will it be the same when it returns?

For the project, more than 750 artists from all over the world work together in one same action: all will carry one fragile object step by step around the planet.
The journey of the object and the works the artists will conceive during the project will be communicated on the website and in regular newsletters.

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